About PUREly Scentual Soaps and Gifts


My name is Debby Jauch and I operate Purely Scentual Soaps (with a little help from hubby)  in a small workshop located at our home in Boston, New York. The business began soon after I became aware of the enormous amount of chemicals we use and ingest every day. When I started to research the ingredients in store bought, mass produced bath and beauty products, I was horrified by what I learned. I began to study methods, ingredients and recipes so that I could make my own natural products using only a few of the most healthy ingredients possible. I wanted to get away from using detergents and chemicals and found cold process soap making the method that best suited my needs-even with the long 4-6 week cure time. I loved the results and so did my family and friends.
The amount of people that use and loved my products grew.
I was delighted when people with allergies and other skin
issues were able to use my products with no problems. The results of getting
away from harsh detergents and chemicals is astounding. Mass produced
soaps leaves your skin over cleansed, irritated and dry. Handmade soap leaves skin clean, soft,
moisturized and beautifully scented. The
difference is real and is worth it!

Please check out our on-line store or visit us at Western New York Craft Shows and the Hamburg Farmers Markets.